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About VGP Golden Beach Resort

At the outset we would like to thank you, our most valued guests, for your continually increasing benefaction. You have contributed tremendously to our success and have been the guiding forces to help us attain a most admirable position in the hospitality industry.

VGP Golden Beach Resort is, and has been ever since its inception in 1975, on a path of continual progress. Its roots go back to the pioneering efforts of our founder, Mr.VG Panneerdas, whose flourishing legacy is carried on by his younger brothers, Mr.V. G. Santhosam, with able assistance from the dynamic and enterprising sons of the family.

We are proud to state that VGP has always enjoyed a most coveted position among the beach resorts of Chennai due to its rich cultural lineage luxurious rooms/spacious banquet halls/wedding destinations. It is perhaps the only resort in India, Which is devoted to showcase the timeless beauty and all encompassing nature of Indian arts and crafts. Year after year it has been an immovable symbol of national integrity where people from all races and background come together, as one, for wholesome family entertainment.

At VGP Golden Beach Resort we are committed to delight our customers with a unique blend of education and entertainment, coupled by an unwavering dedication to world peace, family harmony and spiritual joy. We take great pleasure to share with you the good news that various exciting and promising value additions are being offered by your favourite VGP Beach Resort, exclusively for your enjoyment.

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